Thursday, 19 November 2009

Humble beginnings...

So here begins my online journal of where I am heading. I really want to document my photographic adventure, along it's long and winding path, so I never forget my humble beginnings in the photographic world! It will also be interesting to see how my personal style evolves and develops as I gain more experience and confidence behind the camera.

This blog will be all about me...although that sounds rather self indulgent, it will not only showcase my work and images, but also give you an insight into me and what makes me tick.

This blog will be my online journal documenting certain aspects of my life and my daily goings-on. I have no doubt over the coming months, I will be airing my frustrations and deliberations in the planning of my own wedding, raving about certain photographers I meet and gain inspiration from, stating how much I LOVE Christmas and I will blog whenever I feel I have something to share with you, be it family holidays, weekends away or good nights out - everything that I do with or without my camera.

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