Saturday, 30 January 2010

8 days to go....

As you may or may not know, indecision seems to be my forte when it comes to this wedding planning malarky! So the countdown is well and truly on.

8 days... 8 measly days... that is all I have allocated myself to choose the 'perfect' wedding dress. Why 8 days? Well that will be 6 months to the big day and apparently ordering after this date is sacrilege amongst the wedding dress fraternity! And it would seem amongst the 'wedding chat room' bridezillas! I visited last week and what a mistaka to maka... In the 'I'm getting married in August 2010' room, they are all chatting away about how they are having their final fittings on the dresses they bought 12 months ago! Are they mad!

Feeling rather deflated and a little worried that maybe I have left it rather late to purchase the dress of my dreams, I have vowed to abstain from this site until further notice (i.e. a week before my wedding, when I feel I can actually be smug too!)

I have, with a LOT of help from two of my long suffering bridesmaids and my mum, narrowed it down to 4 dresses, in 3 different shops! So that's a start! Although I did spot another beauty today at the Tatton Hall Wedding Fayre, which I have requested to try on at one of my final trying on sessions.

They are just all so darn pretty. I'm hoping for some kind of epiphany next week, but I doubt it, instead knowing me, there will probably be tears...

I hope I pick the right dress, as today when I dragged my lovely husband-to-be around the wedding fayre, he was pointing out dresses telling me how ugly they were, most of which I agreed on, but there were a few I actually rather liked. Note to self... no bling and no lace that looks like a tablecloth, or I may be walking down to an empty alter!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

2010...the year of change

2009 was an amazing year for me; I had a now or never moment and gave up my Marketing job enabling Andy and I to spend 7 months travelling the globe soaking up different cultures (and the sun) and along the way, I became a fiancee overlooking one of the 'new' seven wonders of the world. My gorgeous husband to be got down on one knee at 'The Sun Gate' overlooking Machu Picchu, and asked me to be his wife! It was the perfect start to our year.

2009 really will take some beating, but I am super excited about 2010!

The wedding date is set and I am currently in the throws of trying to decide on a wedding dress.Who knew I am so indecisive?!

It is also the year that I pursue my dream career of becoming a professional photographer...but where do I start??

I need to believe in myself more; I CAN make this happen. It's just in my nature to doubt myself at times. I sometimes wonder if I'll ever be able to make my goals and ambitions come to fruition. In an ideal world, I would have someone take me by the hand and show me the ropes, but this isn't feasible.

So where do I start??

Do I just ask people if I can take photos of them? Is this how other photographers started their careers? Maybe that's what I'll do...but first I need to buy my new kit, the Canon 5d Mark ii to be precise and master photoshop! That way I can correct, crop and improve my images before anyone sees them!