Sunday, 20 June 2010

Josie & her beautiful baby bump

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to capture one of my closest friends in all her maternal glory. I had an absolute ball shooting my first 'bump' and it was made all the more special that it was Josie and her bump I was shooting.

Josie and I go waaaaaaay back. Right back to the days of dodgy bermuda shorts, Hypercolour t-shirts and side ponytails! We have grown up together, witnessing all the major milestones in each other's lives {it was at Josie's wedding that Andy asked my dad for my hand in marriage!} and laughing at jokes that no one can understand {chewing gum and snow springs to mind Jose!}so it only felt right that I documented this amazing stage of Josie's life with my camera.

With only 7 weeks to go, on the day of shooting, until their lives change FOREVER {for the better of course!}, we had a really lovely morning basking in the sunshine in Bramhall Park capturing her maternal glow.

I had a ball shooting Josie and this is one area of photography which I would love to build upon.

Thanks for being such a perfect model Mrs Saville x


  1. wow Steph....lovely set of images.....I love the one with the scan picture....she is going to be thrilled x love Andrea

  2. nice one pooch, they are jolly good!

  3. Gorgeous - I absolutely love the black and white one of her bump from above, so lovely! x