Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Bucket List

{Warning - long post!}

A couple of weeks ago I was giving my computer's hard drive a much needed spring clean; I try to do this once a year as the poor little lamb groans every time I turn it on due to the sheer volume of utter nonsense stored on it. The thing is, on the hoarding front I take after my dad and his dad, oh and my other granddad on my mum's side so really being a hoarder was my destiny; it's in my genes. I have even adopted the true hoarder's vocabulary of 'you'll never know when I'll need it' or 'just in case'!

Anyway, I digress...during my somewhat overzealous {for me} spring clean, I found the makings of my very own bucket list. Inspired by the film and other blogs, I decided to create my own bucket list of 100 things I want to achieve with my life before it's too late! I started this list months ago it would seem and have finally finished it. I have kept the initial list and added to it, so in fact I now only have 95 things to complete! It involves a lot of travel, photography, dreams, hopes and aspirations and a lot more in-between both in the long and short term, including rather superficial and superfluous items of a shopping nature and weight loss pre-wedding!. Many of the list items are probably unobtainable in my lifetime, but most of them I hope I will be able to accomplish.

As I manage to tick the items off my list, I will blog an image or two...let the blogging commence!

  1. Pursue my passion and become a 'professional' wedding and portrait photographer
  2. Meet my photography idol -  Jasmine Star
  3. Book Jasmine Star for an 'Anytime' session
  4. Purchase a Kelly Moore bag
  5. Get married to my one true love
  6. Visit Las Vegas and put it all on black
  7. Assist at my first wedding and get some good shots!
  8. Shoot a wedding as the 'main' photographer
  9. Buy a doggie; a really cute fluffy one at that!
  10. Run the London Marathon
  11. Design my own photography bag and get them on the shelves {this may be shooting for the stars but hey ho!}
  12. Create a website that epitomises me and my style
  13. Become an Auntie - hint hint!!
  14. Create a range of wedding invitations / birthday cards
  15. Make my garden look pretty enough for summer BBQs
  16. See the Northern Lights
  17. Go diving with whale sharks
  18. Raise a gorgeous, healthy family with Mr Oakes
  19. Create some amazing albums of our travelling photos
  20. Visit New Zealand again...the most stunning country in the world!
  21. Learn how to master back button AF!
  22. Learn how to master stunning sun flares
  23. Walk along the Great Wall of China
  24. Swim with Mantas in the Maldives
  25. Bungee jump
  26. Be someone's mentor
  27. Visit all seven wonders of the world
  28. Write a book!
  29. Watch the Palio in Sienna
  30. Run with the bulls...or at least watch from the sidelines
  31. Set foot on each of the seven continents  
  32. Go heli skiing
  33. Stay on Necker Island with my fabulous family 
  34. Volunteer more
  35. Go diving at the Cod Hole in the GBR
  36. Attend the Olympics
  37. Travel the world  
  38. Do a skydive
  39. Travel back to Japan and visit my old haunts
  40. Get together with my school friends more often
  41. Bury a time capsule
  42. Shake it at Rio Carnival
  43. Visit Ireland
  44. Visit Northern Scotland  
  45. Become as good as Marco at post processing!  
  46. Visit the gorillas in Rwanda
  47. Travel back to India to see Tigers in the wild and eat the best food on the planet
  48. Visit Western Australia
  49. Run the New York Marathon  
  50. Document my life in photographs
  51. Buy a holiday home somewhere hot
  52. Gain true recognition for my work
  53. Go cage diving
  54. Have more than 100 fans on facebook
  55. Have more than 500 fans on facebook
  56. Have more than 1000 fans on facebook!
  57. Exhibit at a wedding fayre
  58. Stay at The Ice Hotel
  59. Play a round at Augusta
  60. Get my golf handicap down out of the early 20's
  61. Overcome my fear of velvet
  62. Lose half a stone before my wedding!
  63. Learn how to play the piano
  64. Visit LA
  65. Be in the audience of a TV show, preferably Jeremy Kyle for its comedy value!
  66. Buy the 50mm 1.2, and not feel guilty for doing so 
  67. Be more positive
  68. Go on a first aid course 
  69. Catch the sun setting over Uluru
  70. Learn how to ride a horse
  71. Take Andy on his first visit to Blackpool
  72. Look into my family tree
  73. Visit Russia, the birthplace of my great-grandmother
  74. Drive topless (car not me) down Route 66
  75. Fly in a fighter jet
  76. Shoot 10 weddings
  77. Shoot 25 weddings
  78. Shoot 50 weddings
  79. Shoot 100 weddings
  80. Drive the garden route in South Africa
  81. Go wing walking
  82. Become a wine buff
  83. Actually learn the rules of Rugby/Cricket/Snooker (well, maybe not snooker)- maybe it will make it more enjoyable to watch
  84. Shoot my first portrait session
  85. Shoot my first 'bump' session
  86. Shoot my first baby session
  87. Have a body like Jennifer Aniston
  88. Ski in the Rockies
  89. Buy a bolthole in Courcheval
  90. Go on a cookery course
  91. Become a member of SWPP
  92. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
  93. Explore the galapagos islands
  94. See polar bears in the wild
  95. Win the lottery
  96. Visit the North Pole
  97. Stay in an over-water bungalow somewhere exotic
  98. Spend as much time as possible with my family and friends
  99. Learn my times tables!
  100. Live a long, healthy, happy life, full of love and laughter.


  1. What a great idea, I hope you succeed!

  2. Awesome list.
    Jasmine Star talked to me the other day!! Well when I say talk I mean I asked a question on her facebook page and she answered it by directing it straight to me. So I saved the page and printed it out. Crazy I know!!!

  3. Hey Steph,

    Stumbled across your site from an interview you did. I can't even remember the website it was with but your answers struck a chord with me about pursuing your dream of being a photographer.

    A brilliant list above, if you don't mind I may steal some of these!

    Keep at it! Consider me subscribed!

  4. No problem at all Chris, steal as many as you want!!