Saturday, 20 March 2010

What a star

Well its official, I think I have a slight obsession (although I don't like to call it that!) with the uber talented Jasmine Star. Often voted one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world, it really amazes me how much time she devotes to helping other photographers and I have to say that she has been such an inspiration to me in these early stages. Her facebook page is a mindfield of helpful information and her photography blog is genius! The first thing i do in the morning when I switch on my computer is check to see if she has updated her blog and feel rather deflated if she hasn't!

You even drop her an email and within 24 hours she gets back to you and fully answers your questions, not just one word answers! See she really is a star, by name and nature!

Jasmine started out in photography as a change of career, not from day dot (similar to me). She is completely self taught (similar to me - although I am still in the teaching stage!) and she has a crazy family (yet again, not unlike my own!)...I just love associating myself with her don't I ( I told you I had a slight obsession!).

But one day I really do hope to emulate her success and talent. Jasmine is proof that it can be done and that proof is really what I need right now to help me believe in myself and my ability.

Here is a picture of the lovely lady herself and her husband, JD, who is her second shooter... I wonder if I could ever get Andy to do that with me?!

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  1. Hey Steph... I just came across your blog via Photography Parlour... love your work and congratulations of ticking of number 7 of your list!
    Totally sharing the love for Jasmine Star... she is AMAZING!
    I am mildly obsessed by Jonas Peterson. OK. Maybe a little more than mildly. Completely. Another self starter who is amazing.

    Look forward to seeing more of your work!!