Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Final answer

Well I did it. 8 days, 4 dresses and a decision made! There were tears, and plenty of them (what a loser!), but I have made my choice now and I am sticking with it, if only for the sanity of my mum and bridesmaids! I really LOVE my dress, it's beautiful and unique and that's all i'm saying incase my lovely husband-to-be sneaks a peak at this!

Now on to the bridesmaids dresses...Four bridesmaids all different shapes and colourings, should be interesting! But thankfully less stressful for me I think/hope!

On a photography front, things are ticking along nicely. I am looking into courses at the moment and in talks with a few people about their weddings this year and next so I'll keep you posted.

Happy Tuesday- and a rather sprighty tuesday it is here in Knutsford, must have been that 6.30am gym sesh this morning!!

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  1. I remember the bridesmaid problem! I had my three elder sisters, two cousins-in-law, and 3 nieces as bridesmaids! They all ranged in age from 3-42 years old. The little ones we put in cute little dresses and I gave the older bridesmaids free reign as to what dress they had. The only requirement was they choose either pink or red (my colours). The result was lots of different shades of red and pink (which looked gorgeous!), happy and relaxed bridesmaids and they were all tied in by matching little bouquets of pink peonies. It was perfect!