Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Super excited

Last week I had the most exciting phone call from Andrea Ellison; a really lovely lady that I met at an open day at the Annabel Williams studio last year. We 'connected' on the day, perhaps due to our lack of confidence and our intimidation by the 'professional' photographers in the room that were baffling us (well me anyway) with their chat and have subsequently kept in touch ever since.

Well true to Andrea's word on the day when she agreed that I, a complete stranger at the time, could shadow her at one of her weddings, she has asked me to accompany her on not just one but numerous weddings this year! And even better than just shadow, Andrea is even letting me loose with my camera!

I have told her not to rely on me for any perfect images just yet, and just do what she would do normally if I wasn't there, but I am hoping secretly for some pearlers to build up my portfolio and to present to the bride and groom alongside Andrea's amazing shots.

I can't believe how supportive Andrea is being and I am so incredibly grateful. She really is a breath of fresh air in this industry that can seem bewildering and rather intimidating at first glance. 

Andrea is relatively new to this photography malarky herself, but is doing really well already and has numerous weddings and portrait sessions booked for this year. I just want to say a massive thanks to Andrea, as it's people like her that will shape my career and give me the confidence and experience I need to be fabulously successful at this.

I also want to say a huge thankyou to Jodie Chapman, for answering my endless questions and giving me a boost. I really can't wait for our engagement shoot in May and our wedding day as I know she is going to take amazing shots of our big day.


  1. Ah bless you sweetheart <3 thats really nice of you...I know as someone who is completely self taught how "out there" you feel...it will be lovely to have some company and I am sure you will shoot some pearlers x see you soon x Andrea

  2. I am loving this new styley blog! Gorgeous. You are very welcome my dear. I love answering any questions you have and I am so looking forward to photographing your wedding in August!! I promise you a beautiful album. :)