Thursday, 25 February 2010

It's arrived!!!

The Amazon gods have finally delivered the heavenly 5d Mk ii and 2 super duper L range lenses and I can't wait to get playing with them.

Unfortunately however, I am feeling rather groggy and not even 70% after having my ACL (cruciate ligament) reconstructed on Saturday. I had a wonderful, if rather itchy (I scratched myself alive! On Sunday when I checked out of hospital I looked like I had been mauled by bears!) 24 hours dosed up on Morphine  on Saturday and Sunday and now the hard work begins. 6 to 9 months of rehab! I am hobbling around on my crutches at the moment and have had to move back in with the folks as the hospital wouldn't let me go back to my house due to my lack of banisters to help me up and down the stairs. I'm not complaining however, as I am enjoying everyone waiting on me hand and foot, although I'm sure it will be shortlived as they are all getting fed up of my demands already!

Hopefully in the next few days I will be feeling human again and get to play with the little beauty from Canon!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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